Magician escapes Baby

Have you been to a magic show? Baby and Squirrel are in trouble after the magic show! Are you excited to see what happened? Then, here's our funny video to entertain you! Have a look. 

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Magic man: Hey kids...are you ready for a magic?

 : Abracadabra! 

 Squirrel: Hmm..hey baby..look...his magic stick has all the power. 

 Baby: yeah...this looks so nice 

 : Let's do a magic with this

 : Abracadabra Squirrel: Wow..! It's so beautiful 

 : Give me that, I will do it now 

 : I go my darling 

 : Abracadabra 

 Baby: Huh! uh-oh... what's this?

 : Open the 

 Squirrel: Hey hey...don't worry, just wait

: Tadaa... 

 Baby: Hey no no no

 : Wait wait, this is not the right way 

 : please go and find anybody to help 

Squirrel: Okay..okay.. 

 : I will go now 

 Squirrel: Baby and me took away the magic stick

 : and..we were doing tricks 

 : But Baby got trapped inside a cage 

 Squirrel: Look...he's there.. 

 Baby: Hey Johny, Dolly.. come me 

 Johny & Dolly: Baby..don't worry

 : we will help you 

 Johny: Argh...argh...come 

 Dolly: Umm..wait wait 

 : I have an idea

 : Yeah...I have the key 

 : Uh-oh's not working 

 Johny: I will do this now 

 : Huh! I am so tired

 : This doesn't work 

 Dolly: I think we should call the magic man to help us 

 Johny: Yeah..come, let's go 

 Magic man: Huh! Where is my stick? 

 : Who took it away? 

 Dolly: Hey magic man,

 : Here...your stick is with me

 Magic man: Oh! My magic stick 

 : buddy...I was searching for you everywhere
 Squirrel: and me took it away from you

 : we were playing with this 

 Johny : But..Baby got trapped inside a cage 

 : Please help us to release him 

 Magic man: Umm....Okay...don't worry

 : I will help you..come with me 

 Magic man: it's okay baby, I will get you out 

 : Abracadabra 

 Baby: Ha..yay yay..I am free now 

 : Thank you Mr. Magic man

 Magic man: Haha..okay guys 

 : Will see you next time 

 : Bye bye 

 Kids: Bye bye...

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