Kitty's playtime

Oh wow!! It's a fun kiting day. Baby Zay and his little kitty are playing with the kite. But the kite got stuck on a tree. Have a look at the funny ideas of Johny to rescue the kite. Laugh till your stomach hurts! 

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Baby: Oh! my kite! 

Baby: What do we do now? 

Baby: Um... Ha got it! Look! 

Baby: Kitty, first you climb up...catch the kite...and come back...okay?  

Here, good luck! 

Baby: Go for it kitty...Yes, yes! you are almost there. Oh no...! 

: It's okay, Let's try another. 

Johny: What are you looking at, baby? 

Baby: We were playing with the got stuck...we tried but failed.

 Johny: Oh really? This won't work. I've a great plan. See? 

Baby: Um, Okay. 

Johny: I can do this! Just wait and see. 

Johny: Ouch... 

Johny: Um...don't laugh, I have a better idea. 

Baby: Oh wow! 

Johny: I'm going to fly like a superman...this will work for sure.

 : Yes...yes...there...I'll get it. Ouch. 

Baby: Oh...Look! Ha hah Come on kitty, let's play. 

Johny: Ha???

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