Cafe on the Wheels!

Dolly is the pizza baker! She sets up her cafe on wheels and reaches the park to sell her friends pizzas. But a naughty rat stole her pizza and ran away. Watch what Dolly did to catch him. 

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Dolly: Oh! My pizza..! 

 : Where is it gone? 

 : Hey you naughty rat..stop there

 : Thief..thief..
 Dolly: Hmm.. I am gonna call the police now

 : He will catch him soon 

Dolly: Hello...a little rat stole my pizza 

 : Could you please come over? 

 Chiya: Yeah..sure : Don't worry.. I am coming 

 Chiya: Hey..I am here

 : Where did he go?

 Dolly: He ran to that side 

 Chiya: Okay, come on

 : Let's find him 

 Dolly: Huh! Where is he gone? 

 Chiya: Come..let's go there 

 Chiya: Haa....there he is

 : Catch him 

 Dolly: Oh..we missed him 

 Chiya: Let's split and chase him 

 : Look..he is trapped.. 

 Dolly: You naughty theif 

 : You spoiled my day..argh.. 

 Dolly: Huh! What's that smell? 

Oh pizza..

 : No no stall is on fire 

 Chiya: Don't worry don't worry

 : I will call the firetruck 

 Voice over: It's an Emergency call 

 : Reach the park side 

 Johny: Oh! Somebody needs my help 

 : I am here 

 Dolly: Help us..Please shed the fire.. 

 Johny: Don't worry 

 : Let's splash the water 

 Dolly: cafe..thank you guys

 : But.. I don't have anything for you 

 : my cafe is burned 

 Chiya: It's okay 

 : Look, we have some juice 

 : Let's drink it together. 


 Here you see my pizza stall 
My lovely cafe on the wheels
 I am gonna bake my pizzas here
 Yummy baking fun 

 I am gonna snatch it now
 I am starving to eat that full 
Let me grab in a tricky way 
my pizza party day 

 The police jeep is on the way 
We are on a mission 
The rescue mission 
Vroom vroom vroom 

 The firetruck is on the way 
we are on a mission 
The rescue mission 
vroom vroom vroom

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