Circus man at the park

The circus man came to Kid's Park in search of the animals for the circus. He caught the Monkey and Squirrel with a trap and locked them in his cage. The lady Squirrel who watches this, informs the kids to save them. Watch what she did! 

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Circus man: I am gonna trap all the animals out here

  : hahaha.... 

 Monkey: Huh! some yummy fruits 

 : I am gonna eat this now

 : then I will go sleep 

 Monkey: Ha!!! what's that? uh-oh 

 Squirrel: I will definitely impress her this time 

 : She is gonna love this ring 

 : can do it cool..uh-oh 

 Squirrel: Hey, what are you doing?
 Monkey: Why did you put us inside the cage? 

 Circus man: Haha, now on you are our circus animals, 

 : I will get you to our place

: Let's go.... 

 Lady squirrel: Aww..I knew it was his idea 

 : But....where is he gone? 


 Lady squirrel: Ah!? that's him 

 Squirrel & monkey: Hey, The circus man trapped us here 

 : Please help us 

 Lady squirrel: Uh..oh no..don't go...

 Dolly: Hey Johny stop..slow down.. 

 Dolly: Hey miss squirri... 

 : why are you crying? 

 Lady squirrel: Yesterday night a circus man caught our squirrel and monkey

 : He took them away inside a cage..and went to that side

 : I don't know what to do 

 Johny: hm..we need to save them

 : Come, let's go find where they are 

 Lady squirrel: Hey....shhh...look...he's there 

 : The Keys are inside his pocket 

 Johny: Hey squirri, we need to get the keys from him 

 Dolly: You have to get the keys secretly

 Lady squirrel: Huh!? Me? Are you sure? 

 Dolly & Johny: Yes yes

 Lady squirrel: Hm..okay..I will try

: Hey guys..Look, I got the keys 

 Circus man: Hey you naughty little one 

 : You also wanna come with me ha?

 Lady squirrel: sorry sir..not now

 : Run found us 

 Circus man: Hey stop... I am not going to spare you 

 : Ha? Where did they go? 

 Lady squirrel: Ohh! I have an idea 

 : here you go 

 Circus man: Uh-oh, Ouch...Ouch help me... 

 Lady squirrel: Huh..look guys ..we got the keys 

 Monkey and squirrel: Aw..thank you so much

 : You saved us 

 Circus man: Ouch help me... 

 Squirrel: Sorry dear, I had so many plans for you 

 : But everything is spoiled 

Lady squirrel: 

 :'s perfect 

 : I love you

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