Helna's Makeover

Dolly's salon is busy! Dolly and her assistant Baby changed Helna's look adorably. They play with the makeup kit and turn their friend into a gorgeous Helna! Have a look. 

Billion Surprise Toys creates adorable stories.

Dolly: Ha, I caught you 

 Dolly: Hm? where did he go? 

 Dolly: Baby, where are you? 

 Baby: Shhh. 

 Dolly: Nobody wants to comes to my salon. Hmm, Baby? 

 Dolly: Wait! Don't run 

 Baby: No-No-No 

 Helna: Ha! Hey guys? 

 Dolly: Helna, Can you come to my salon? 

 Helna: Yeah, why not 

 Dolly: Come, sit here 

 Helna: Ha, okay

 Dolly: First, apply the mask. Close your eyes 

 Dolly: This will cool your eyes 

 Dolly: Hmm? What next? 

 Baby: Dolly, Here 

 Dolly: Oh! Thank you, baby. Do you want to play with us? 

 Baby: Hmm, yeah 

 Dolly: Okay, then here you go 

 Baby: Opps. 

 Helna: Ha? My legs? 

 Dolly: Don't Worry, you can wear this

 Dolly: Hmm, Okay, let's wipe this out 

 Helna: Wow! look, my face is glowing. 

 Dolly: Now, let's fix your hair

 Helna: Oh! Looks so cool! 

 Dolly: What next, ha! Add some nail color? 

 Helna: Wow! I like it. 

 Dolly: Ha, let's do the make-up 

 Dolly: Here we go, rosy cheeks, And the sparkling eyes 

 Dolly: hmm, let's comb your hair

 Dolly: it's time for hairstyling 

 Dolly: Look, Now we're done 

 Helna: Ha! Wow. I look so beautiful.

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