Rescue team on a mission

Policeman Johny and his assistant Mr. Marshmallow are on a mission to find the birdie's eggs. Unfortunately, the naughty thief took away the eggs and was on the way to the jungle. Guess who the naughty thief is and enjoy the exciting rescue mission. 

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Birdie: Huh! It's a fresh morning

          : Finally, my little ones are about to come 

          : You will meet mamma soon.. 

 Birdie: I need to get some food for you 

            : Mamma will be back soon..take care 

 Squirrel: Oh! Birdie..did your little ones come out?
               : I will definitely come to visit 

 Birdie: Yeah! You are welcome... 

            : Huh! my eggs..! babies are missing.. 

            : Who took away my babies?! 

 Birdie: Hey squirri, my eggs are missing

           : Did you see anyone near my nest? 

 Squirrel: Oh..I don't know..I haven't seen anyone 

 Birdie: babies... 

            : I need them back... 

 Johny:  what happened here? 

            : Why is she crying? 

 Squirrel: Somebody stole her eggs
 Johny: Huh?! Could you please make it clear? 

 Birdie: My eggs..They were about to hatch and, 

           : I went to get some food for them 

           : nest was empty when I was back 

           : Aw..I need my babies back... 

 Johny: Hmm..who's the one to climb the tree? 

           : Hey look, some scratches are here

           : I know what to do 

 Johny: I have someone to search for this 

            : Here, my assistant 

            : Marshmallow, Are you ready for the mission? 

 Marshmallow: Yes sir..I'm ready 

 Johny: Listen, You go up and check out 

            : Inform me if you find anything, okay? 

 Marshmallow: Huh..nothing is here.. 

                          : not here...let me go search there 

 Johny: Hey buddy..did you find anything? 

 Marshmallow: No officer..I'm searching

                          : Huh? What's that?

                         : Oh it's the thief and the eggs... 

                         : Sir, I think I found the thief

                         : He is going to the other side of the park

                         : I am coming down 

 Johny: Thanks for the help buddy 

            : I am gonna catch him now 

 Johny: little thief

           : I am gonna trap you...heeyaa... 

Squirrel: Uh oh! The eggs... 

 Birdie: Oh babies.. 

 Marshmallow: move aside...
                          :I will save the eggs 

 Johny: Huh! Finally..everything is alright 

 Birdie: babies are back 

 Birdie: Hey look my babies 

           : I am a mamma now

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