The naughty fox is trapped

The fox from the jungle messed up the kid's park after playing with each ride. The baby calls the police officers, and they search for the thief. As the birdie said, they set up a trap to catch him. Check what happens at night!

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Fox: Ha!!! so many rides

       : I am gonna have so much fun tonight.. 

       : Wow..! a lot of ball pits 

       : Woohoooo 

 Lady squirrel: Aww...our park is all messed up 

                        : where do we play now? 

 Baby: I am not going to spare him
          : Let's call the police now 

          : They will catch him soon

 Baby (voice-over): Hello Policemen 

                                : It's an emergency 

                                : Please come to the park 

 Dolly&Johny: Hey guys, what happened?

 Baby: Look! Somebody messed up the park rides 

          : It's all broken 

 Dolly: We need to find the thief out there 

 Dolly: I will go to search for the footprints 

 Johny: Okay, I am gonna check the animals out here 

 Johny: Hey naughty monkey... 

            : Are you not done with troubling us? 

            : Did you mess up the park? 

 Monkey: Huh!? Me? No no no 

              : trust me...I didn't do this 

               : Please don't put this on me....

 Dolly: Johny, I got a strange footprint 

          : It doesn't match the animals on our list

 Birdie: Hey guys, I know who did this 

           : I saw him...he comes at night 

           : He is from that jungle 

 Johny&Dolly: Oh yeah.. we need to catch him soon 

                        : Guys..Let's make a trap at night, okay? 

 Johny & Dolly: Okay..done 

 Birdie: Hey guys....he is coming 

            : Let's go hide... 

 Fox: is also going to be fun

        : ha...what's that smell? 

        : Hmm....yummy... 

Johny: Hey naughty fox.. 

            : Why did you mess up the park? 

Dolly : You have done a mistake

          : We are gonna put you in the prison for this 

 Fox: Huh...oh no no no...please.. 

         : Please leave me..I will not do this again

         : I need to go back..please... 

 Johny&Dolly: can't go now 

                       : This is your punishment 

                       : Stay inside the cage. 

The police jeep is on the way 
we are on a mission 
the rescue mission 
vroom vroom vroom (2)

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