Honey bee attack!

Monkey provokes the bees by stealing their honey hive from the tree. They become angry and attack the Monkey, stinging everywhere. Squirrel informs the rescue team to save him. Watch what happens to Monkey! 

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Honey bee: Hey guys.. he stole our honey

                   : Come..attack... 

 Monkey: Uh..please don't hurt me..go..go away..oh no... 

 Squirrel: Tududutudoodoodoo 

              : Oh my sweet nuts 

              : Today is a treat day.... 

 Monkey: Uh...please move..please move..

Squirrel: Oh no...he is in big trouble

              : Huh! : Let me inform the rescue team 

 Squirrel: Hey...guys... 

              : Monkey is in trouble 

              : it's a honey bee attack 

              : Please come fast... 

 Johny: Come on Dolly, let's start the rescue 

 Johny: uh oh..so many bees around him

            : We need to save him fast 

            : Huh..this is gonna work..

 Honey bee: what is this?

                    : We can't reach him 

 Johny: Hey guys..why are you attacking the monkey? 

 Honey bee: He stole our honey hive from the tree 

 Johny: Ha? Is it? 

 Monkey: Umm..yeah..but ... 

               : I will make it alright 

               : Please leave me now

               : I am so tired 

 Dolly: Guys..monkey will fix your hive

          : You please go now 

 Honeybee: Okay..we are leaving 

 Dolly: Ha..done..your wound is covered 

           : Now, go and fix the hive 

           : Listen, honeybees are dangerous 

           : Don't do this again, okay? 

 Monkey: I am so sorry guys 

                : I will not do this again...

                 : Here..you can go inside 

Here is the beehive with bees around the hive 
the monkey watching it, where nobody sees 
There he took the sweet little hive from the tree 

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