The little mouse thief

Chiya traps a naughty rat and puts him in the cage of his police jeep. On the way, the wheel hit on a rock, and the thief escaped. The firefighter Johny joins Chiya in this chase, and they catch the naughty rat together. Enjoy the fun! 

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Chiya: Oh no..he escaped

          : You naughty thief..stop.. 

 Chiya: Hey stop...Huh! I got you 

          : Stop little thief 

 Chiya: Hey squirri, did you see a rat running this way? 

 Squirrel: Yes yes..he ran away that side 

 Chiya: Oh..thank you for the help buddy 

 Chiya: Hey lady mousie, Did you see a rat thief going around? 

 Lady rat: Yes yes I did... I saw him going that way 

 Chiya: Oh..thank you so much 

 Rat: Uff...silly guy.. 

 Chiya: How do I find him? 

           : Hey chiya.. what are you searching for? 

 Chiya: Huh! I caught a rat thief and put him in my cage 

           : But... my jeep hit on a rock and he escaped 

 Johny: Oh sad.. 

            : Huh! Look..those leaves... they are moving 

 Johny: Huh!!! there he is 

            : He tricked us again 

            : Come, let's catch him together 

 Chiya & Johny: Haha...we got him 

 Chiya: Aww..Johny..thank you for the help 

 Johny: Oh come on It's okay..bye bye


 I am a very good policeman
 Policeman policeman 
I caught the little thief in cage
 Hi ho hi ho hi ho 

 The wheel hit on a very big rock
 a very big rock, very big rock 
He ran outside the cage we have
 Hi ho hi ho hi ho

 He saw a little pit out there 
pit out there pit out there 
He's gonna run and hide in it 
Hi ho hi ho hi ho 

 I know how to catch him now
 catch him now catch him now 
I am gonna get him out of there 
Hi ho hi ho hi ho 

 We are gonna chase him now 
chase him now chase him now 
and run behind to catch him soon 
Hi ho hi ho hi ho 

 Johny has a net gun trap 
 net gun trap net gun trap 
we are gonna trap him using this
Hi ho hi ho hi ho

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