Trouble Trouble!

Baby falls into a drainage pit while playing peekaboo with the squirrel. The squirrel informs the rescue team. Then, Johny and Dolly came to search for the baby, and they saved the baby from the drainage pit. Watch and enjoy! 

Billion Surprise Toys creates kids' favorite stories.

Baby: Peekaboo...I am here

 : Come and find me 

 Squirrel: Huh! Where is he? 

 : I am gonna find him soon 

 Squirrel: Baby...where are you? 

 : Ha...He is not here 

 : Huh! I think he is in trouble 

 : Ha...Let me call the police 

 Voice-over: Hello rescue team

 : I am in trouble, please come to the park 

 Johny: Hey squirri, what happened? 

 Squirrel: Baby is missing 

 : We were playing 

 : but...I cannot find him 

 Johny: Ha..don't worry, this will help us 

 : Come follow me 

 Baby: Huh! Where am I? 

 : It's so dark and scary...

 : oh no..spider... 

 : Help me....go away... 

 Johny: Huh! I think he's out there

 : He might fall into it 

 : Let's go check it out 

 Baby:  it's dirty and bad...I want to go 

 : Help me please.... 

 Squirrel: Hey Baby..don't worry..we will get you out

 Johny: Huh...I cannot go inside..

 : Ha..I will call the rescue team 

 Voice-over: Hello this is an emergency 

 : Baby is in trouble

 : Please reach with the digger 

 Dolly: Hey guys..where is baby? 

 Squirrel: come fast..come fast

 : Look... he is inside 

 : Please help him 

 Dolly: Hey buddy it's time to work ..let's go 

 Squirrel: Ha..Baby

 : Are you okay? 

 Baby: Huh! Yes yes, I am okay 

 : Thank you guys... 

 Dolly and Johny: Drainage may cause trouble to children so, close it when found open and cross it when you walk and be safe.

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