Ice cream men at the park

Chiya and Baby pretend to be ice cream men and serves yummy fruit popsicles to everyone at the park. Baby takes charge of the shop, and the funny element comes into the scene. Enjoy and laugh! 

Billion Surprise Toys creates yummy stories.

Johny: Hey ice cream guys

          : we want some ice cream 

 Chiya: Oh, Of course 

           : which fruit flavor do you want, sir? 

 Johny: Hm..yeah..I am going for kiwi 

 Dolly: I already picked mine 

          : I love to have strawberry ice cream 

 Chiya: we will see you next time guys

           : Have a nice day 

 Chiya: Oh! I Feels so tired 

           : Let me take some rest 

           : Baby, you take care of the shop, Okay?

 Baby: Huh, nobody is coming 

          : Ha...I think I got one 

 Baby: Hey Monkey.... 

          : Look.. I am an ice cream man

          : Shall I make banana ice cream for you? 

 Monkey: Yeah..sure. 

 Baby: Put the fruit first and mix it well, now fill it in and finally let's freeze it.

 Baby: Tadaa..Your banana ice cream is ready

         : Have it now 

 Monkey:'s yucky, I don't want this 

               : My banana is better than this 

 Lady squirrel: 

                        : Can you make an ice cream with this? Please.. 

 Baby: Of course.. I can make it for you. 

 Chiya: Huh..! what was that? 

           : Baby, ha..what happened!? 

 Lady squirrel: Uh...I don't know 

                        : I think my nut has gone 

 Baby: Don't worry : It's still safe 


 I am a very good ice cream man 
Ice cream man ice cream man 
I come to park and ring a bell 
Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho 

 I am a little ice cream man 
Ice cream man ice cream man 
I help him serve the yummy cones
 Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho 

 I am gonna blend these fruits in it 
fruits in it, fruits in it 
I am gonna pour some milk on it
 Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho

 I wanna freeze this yummy pulp
 yummy pulp yummy pulp 
Now it's ready for you to taste 
 Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho

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