Shapes at the beach!

Babies learn about shapes! Mommy brings a new game for them to play and enjoy at the beach. They find the shapes and have a fun time together. Enjoy the lovely shapes song for kids. 

 Billion Surprise Toys creates lovely songs.

Kids: Aww..daddy has slept

 : How do we play now? 

 Mommy: Hey little ones, I have a new game for you 

 : Come, let's go 

 Mommy: You need to find the shapes on your card, okay? 

 : show me the pictures 

 Johny: I got this 

 Baby: Mine is this 

 Dolly: Here, this one 

 Mommy: Okay dears, let's play the game 

 : Go on... 

 Johny: Mommy...look...yay yay...I found the shape 

 : Here, this tortoise has five sides

 : and five corners 

 : It's a pentagon 

 Dolly: Mommy..look..I got it 

 : it has no sides and round in shape 

 : It's a circle 

 Mommy: did it well my dear. 

 Mommy: Very good! You found it right 

 Baby: yay yay! hey guys...! look! I found it

 : a star falls from the looks the same 

 Mommy: Baby, It's not that star in the sky 

 : It's a starfish, okay?

 : See, it has five points 

 : It's a cute little star 


 Johny walks around the beach
 for searching on the shape 
He had met a rolling friend 
who comes out from the sea 

 The little crab who came up now
 has started moving legs 
and dance to his left and right 
on this lovely beach 

 Let's sneak a peek to watch 
that little lazy friend 
to see who's hiding in that 
stronger nutmeg shell 

 He saw the little turtle 
 crawling on the ground 
He jumps out loud so happily 
 to find his lovely shape

Dolly comes up for her turn 
for searching on the shape 
she climb up over little rocks 
to see what she could see 

 The little lovely sea shells 
 are shining on the shore 
she took that close to ears 
and heard a soothing song 

 There she saw a sparkling shell
 underneath the sea 
she then took a coral shell 
with a shining pearl inside 

 She smiles so bright to see
 that pearl shining in the shell 
she runs to see her mommy 
to show what she had found 

 Baby was so sad that 
he couldn't find his shape 
he wanders on the big shore 
to find his lovely shape 

 He watches all the little things 
lying on the shore 
not a crab, not a shark 
that match the shape with him 

 The little wave has touched his legs
 that make him feel so good 
he saw that a pink lady 
blinking on the sand 

 He dances so high when watching 
him crawling on the ground 
He's gonna call his mommy to 
show what he had found

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