Mermaid Dolly's day

Dolly was reading the mermaid stories at the beach and saw a real mermaid in a wink. Her siblings won't believe her, but Mommy took her and dressed her like a beautiful mermaid. Everyone wonders, watching her! Enjoy the lovely video with a sweet song. 

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Once, there lived a beautiful mermaid in the sea. She protected the sea pearls. 
 The mermaid saves the pearl for her love and went above the sea to give her prince. 

Dolly: Aww...the mermaid is so lovely

 : Huh! What's that?

 : a mermaid!? Is she real?

 Dolly: Oh..! where is she? Aw I saw a mermaid 

 : whom should I say this to? 

 : Oh, there they are Mommy

: Oh! don't be sad dear 

 Dolly: Mommy... I really saw the mermaid 

 : But they won't believe me 

 Mommy: then let's show them a real mermaid, okay? 

 Dolly: Okay! Mommy

: Shh...not now 

 Mommy: Finally.... : Hey my beautiful lady. Here's your wand 

 Dolly: I look like a mermaid

 : Look's sparkling 

 : Can we call them now? 

 Mommy: Okay, okay let's call them 

 : hey babies..come here 

 : You have a surprise

 : Someone is waiting for you 

 Mommy: Here.. the little mermaid wants to meet you all 

 : Say hello..

 Babies: Wow...she is so beautiful 

 : Yeah.. like a real mermaid 


 Did you see the mermaid there 
the mermaid there the mermaid there
 Did you see the mermaid there
 I saw her standing there 

 we didn't see a mermaid here 
the mermaid here the mermaid here 
we didn't see a mermaid here 
we have to play this time 

 Let's put on the mermaid dress 
 the mermaid dress the mermaid dress
 I will make you wear this dress 
It looks so good on you 

 Come and wear the lovely chain
 the lovely chain the lovely chain 
It's so bright and good to see 
that make you look so nice 

 Then we do the makeup now 
the makeup now the makeup now 
I will add the blush on you 
to make your cheeks so bright 

 Let's put on the mermaid crown 
the mermaid crown the mermaid crown 
the mermaid looks so perfect now
 who's shining like a pearl

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