Volleyball at the beach

The family is having a great time together, playing and enjoying many games. Kids are excited to play volleyball with Mommy and Daddy. They watch so many adorable sights at the beach and play happily. Enjoy the relishing beach song! 

Billion Surprise Toys creates lovely songs.

Baby:Oh no..my ball

         : Huh! Johny, look..something is there 

 Mommy: Hey, what happened dears?
 Baby: Look mommy...my ball 

 Mommy: Baby..no no no 

               : The sea is so dangerous 

               : You should not go there, okay? 
               : Hey look there...! 

 Baby: Wow..yay! 

          : We got the ball 


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we're going to the beach 
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we're going to the beach 

Dolly pass the ball to him 
Johny catch it in a wink 
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 We're playing volleyball 

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Our daddy picks a ball
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We're playing with the ball 

Baby kicks the ball so high 
That fell far on the sea beside 
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How we gonna take the ball

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