Baby's flying turtle

Johny, Dolly, and Baby are flying kites at the beach. But baby's turtle kite is not flying, and he tries many ways to make it go up. Finally, Dolly and Johny help him fly and have fun together. 

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Johny & Dolly: why not? come on

 Mommy: Baby. Don't go to the waterside 

               : Be careful... 

 Baby: Don't worry Mommy 

          : I am going to take my kite 

          : Ahhhh....a crab... 

 Baby: Mommy...Is that gone? 

 Mommy: Oh, it's gone dear...

               : Look there. It went back to the water

 Baby: Huh! Let me play with my kite now

 Baby: Ha..! this is gonna work 

          : Hey buddy. It's time to fly up. Come on 

          : Don't come down. Go up. Up up..

          : Huh! you're like a real turtle...too slow.. 

 Dolly: Hey's okay, let us have a try 

 Baby: Hm...okay 

 Dolly: Baby..look..this is how it works 

         : Face your kite against the wind 

         : Then, it will go's flying 

 Baby: Yeah..finally..! my turtle has gone up..yay yay 

 Dolly: Now, take this

          : Let's fly the kites together 

 Baby: Okay..let's go 


 Kids are playing at the beach 
 They are flying kites so up 
Enjoying it in a funny way 
Happy sunny day 

 I too wanna play with you 
I love watching flying kites 
I too had a little kite
 Let me play with you 

 I won't stop to fly my kite 
I can try it in a very good way 
I am gonna fly this now 
Flying my turtle 

 I am not to give up now 
I can fly it well for sure 
I am gonna try new ways 
yes I saw something

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