Halloween Yummy corn

Dolly and Johny, with the pirate squirrel, went to Chiya's Halloween popcorn store and finished all the yummy popcorn he made. To make the little squirrel happy, they experiment with different flavors of popcorn. Watch till the end for a funny twist! 

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Dolly: Johny, look... 

         : Now he looks like a Halloween thief. 

 Johny: Wow! You look so perfect. 

 Squirrel: Yay! I am the Halloween thief. Woohoo 

 Mom (Voice over): Chiya, come 

                                 : please help me to serve this pumpkin juice. 

 Chiya: Yes mommy, I am coming.
 Squirrel: Wow! Smells so good! 

               : Hey guys, let's have this yummy popcorn. 

 Johny & Dolly: Hey, wait...little squirrel

                         : we are also coming. 

 Squirrel: Dolly, its so yummy. salty and sweet! 

 Dolly: Oh, I know, it's tasty 

 Johny: I too have a Halloween special for you! 

 Squirrel: Haa... It's so spicy and yum 

             : I want more, more... 

 Johny: Okay, Okay, we will do it. 

            : Uh-oh! The popcorn! this went wrong 

 Dolly: Ha..Chiya will come soon 

          : Guys..let's go... 


 The lovely popcorn 
we gonna have it now 
 smells so good 
looks so nice 

Halloween tasty corn 

 The yummy popcorn 
we gonna have it now 
taste so good 
sweet and salt 

Halloween salty corn 

 The crunchy popcorn 
 we gonna have it now
 taste so good 
hot and spice 

Halloween spooky corn 

The sugary popcorn 
we gonna have it now 
taste so good 
sweet and nice 

Halloween sugary corn

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