Marshmallow's play time

Babies are playing with marshmallow in the indoor park. They're having a good time going on rides and riding around the park. Enjoy the sweet video along with a sweet song! 

Billion Surprise Toys have adorable stories for you!

Dolly: Hey don't wait...Come on! Let's have some fun! 

Baby: Marshmallow, Are you ready? 

Baby: Ow! Don't be scared. It's a fun ride. You will love it! 

         : Try it...Go on... Did you like it? 

         : Let's try more, Sit here...

         : Look! Your favorite balls... 

         : Here, enjoy. Oh no! 

Baby: Huh? Marshmallow?... Marshmallow?... where are you?... 

         : Oh, he is MISSING!!! 

Dolly and Johny: Huh? 

Baby: My marshmallow is gone... 

Dolly: Don't cry, Baby! Let's find him! 

Johny: Yeah, Come on let's search together. 

Baby: Oh my marshmallow...where did you go?... 

         : Ha! There you are! 

 "The wheels on the bus go round and round 
 Round and round...Round and round 
 The wheels on the bus go round and round 
 All through the park" 

 "Marshmallow on the bus go up and down 
 up and down...up and down 
 marshmallow on the bus go up and down 
 All through the park" 

Baby: Oh...I missed you so much!

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