Marshmallow is rolling!

Kids are playing in the indoor park and having so much fun. Baby took Marshmallow with him to enjoy a ride on his toy bus. But the fun part is Marshmallow rolling around the park and flying high in his ball! Watch out the funny video.  

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Baby: Marshmallow, Let's go for a ride!

         : Sit here, I'll ride.

"The wheels on the bus go round and round

Round and round, Round and round

The wheels on the bus go round and round

All through the park "

Dolly: Have a nice day!

Baby: Ow! It's RED! Uh... stop!

         : Huuu! Are you okay, marshmallow?

         : Oh! where is he?

         : Oh no no no!

         : Ha! I'm here now! Uh oh!

Johny: Hee yah!

Baby: Ahhh! Not again!

         : where is he? Are you there?

         : Ha! Here I come!

         : Huuu! finally!

         : It was a fun day! Phew!

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