Sweet vs. spicy food challenge

Chiya plans a game for Johny and Dolly to have fun. They do a jumping sack challenge, a skating challenge, and finally, the sweet vs spicy food challenge. The fun is coming at the end! Watch and enjoy!

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Chiya: Look guys, we have 3 games, 

          : who scores more points, they will win the game. 

          : Are you Ready? 

Dolly and Johnny: yes, yes, we are ready! let's start now. 

Chiya: Cool, the game start from here and finishes there, 

 Chiya: Let's go for the first game, you pick one. 

Johnny: Yay, jump, jump, jump, it's a jumping sack. 

Chiya: Get set go! 

Johnny: Aw 

Dolly: Ha 

Johnny: Oh! No. 

 Dolly: whoa Ho! I won the game! Yay, yay, yay! 

Chiya: Okay, Dolly wins the first game, now select your next card. 

Dolly: Hey, I am the winner, move back, let me pick it. 

         : Oh! Skating, I love it, 

         : I am going to win this too. 

Johnny: Okay, let's see. 

Chiya: Ready steady go. 

Johnny: Bye bye Dolly... 

Dolly: Ha... 

Johny: yeah! I won the game. 

Dolly: No, no, I too had a point. 

Chiya: Hey, wait, wait, one more game is left., here is your last card. 

Johnny: Ha? Now, what's next? 

Chiya: Tadaa..! It's a food challenge, sweet vs spicy. 

Johnny: Oh, spicy food, I like it, I am going to eat full. 

Dolly: Anyway, I love sweet, it's so yummy. 

Chiya: Ha, guys slow, slow. 

Dolly and Johnny: Yeah! I am first. 

Chiya: Uh-oh, it's a tie? what do I do now? 

Johnny: Aww! My stomach! It hurts. 

              : Just a minute. 

Dolly: Uhh.., what happened to my tooth? 

         : Mommy...ahhh... 

Chiya: Hey guys wait, the game is not over. 

Dolly: Again? Oh, no.

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