Baby's new airplane toy

Baby set up a new cute little toy airplane in his garage. Dolly and Baby launch the new toy and make it fly around the garden. But the toy plane crashed hitting a tree. Look what Dolly did to make him happy! 

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Dolly: Baby, where are you?

         : Come on, 

         : I am looking for you so long 

         : Oh, where is he gone?

: Ha! You there. 

         : Hellooo... Anybody inside? 

 Baby: Yes I am here.

          : I am busy making my toy plane 

          : Hey, Dolly, why are you here? 

 Dolly: Baby, what are you doing? 

 Baby: I am going to launch my new airplane toy.

          : wanna see that? It's ready! 

          : Look! My toy plane. 

 Dolly: It's so nice. 

          : Baby, Can I play with you? 

 Baby: Of course, Dolly, Come, let's fly it. 

          : Uh, all set. Are you ready? 

 Dolly: Yes, yes. Ready, steady, go... 

Baby: look, 

          : Wow..It's going up. 

 Dolly: Go left : Baby..... fly this side

          : Oh No! there is a tree 

 Baby: Uh-oh, where did it gone? 

          : Aww, It's stuck. 

 Dolly: Ha, what do we do now? 

 Baby: I don't know. 

          : Can we get it back? 

 Dolly: Umm..ha, there is a way! 

          : Let's shake the tree and make it fall 

          : baby push, push 

 Baby and Dolly: Haha, it's moving 

 Dolly: Oh no! Baby: Aww, my toy, it's all broken 

 Dolly: Baby, wait. ha, I have an idea 

 Baby: toy! It's back? 

 Dolly: Yes 

          : come on, let's play 

          : Fly there, a little lower 

 Baby: Oh! It's not working 

 Dolly: Uh-oh. It's falling. 

          : Again! How can we take it back? 

 Baby: Dolly, see, a ladder. 

          : I will take it : Uh-oh, It's moving 

          : Dolly, I think I might fall 

 Dolly: Don't worry, 

          : I will find a way 

          : Baby, Look down, 

          : I got you a trampoline! 

          : Jump! 

 Baby: Huh, I am okay 

          : I can jump 

 Dolly: Baby, are you okay?

 Baby: Yeah! me and my buddy is alright.

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