Surprise egg for kids

Johny and Dolly found a surprise egg at the door and got excited to see what was inside. They took the egg inside and began to search for the truth. A lot of funny incidents happen in between and finally got revealed the trick inside. Watch and enjoy!

Billion Surprise Toys makes adorable stories.

Johnny: Hey Dolly, come, let's play outside. 

Dolly: Okay, Johnny. 

Johnny: Ha? A gift box? 

              : Hmm..Nobody is here, who bought this? 

Dolly: Aw, Somebody got us a gift. 

          : Let's take it inside. 

Johnny: Hmm..what's in the box? 

              : Huh? do you have any idea? 

Dolly: Uh-oh, I don't know, anyway, let's open it. 

Johnny: Ha? An egg? 

             : What are we going to do with this? 

 Dolly: Ha? Johnny, Is it real? wait, I will check. 

           : Oh!? I can't hear anything. 

Johnny:Ufff.. ha, I got it.

             : This will help. 

              : A duck's egg? What do you think Dolly?

 Dolly: No, Johnny, it's so big in real. 

Johnny: Is it hen's? 

Dolly: No, no, not like this. 

Johnny: Oh! A Dino's egg! Huh.It looks same.

 Dolly: Yes, Johnny, it's a Dino's egg, so big. 

          : Oh no, It's moving. 

Johnny: Ha, Idea! I know what to do.

              : Oh, no, It's not working, I can't control this. 

 Dolly: Ha, nooo..Ahhhhhh... 

            : Where is it? Huh? 

Johnny: Argh! Again? Chiya tricked us. 

Dolly: Hm..wait, we will trick you back for this.

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