Halloween trick on the Pirate

The pirate Johny took away all the Halloween sweets and popcorn from Chiya, Baby and Dolly. They make a perfect plan to scare Johny and his assistant in a funny way. They ran away after the prank and the kids enjoyed their Halloween popcorn. 

 Billion Surprise Toys entertains in a funny way.

 Baby: Huh...

          : Our Halloween night is gonna be bad.

          : The Pirate and his thief took all our sweets. 

 Dolly: Huh! we have to plan something for Halloween night.

           : But be careful to not get tricked again 

 Chiya: Ha! Dolly, Baby,let's make some Halloween special popcorn? 

 Baby: yay yay! It will be so cool. 

 Dolly: Hey, Baby shh.. Keep quiet

          : if they hear we gonna tricked again 

 Johny: Umm..it was so good 

            : Hey squiri... 

            : Did you enjoy the feast? 

 Squirrel: Yes master, I loved it. 

 Johny: Oh! Silly guys

            : They have nothing left for the Halloween night.

            : Ha...smells so nice, where is it coming from? 

 Squirrel: Master... 

                : Look there! 

 Baby: Wow! It looks yum... I am so excited. 

 Chiya: Baby, come

           : Help us to serve this. 

 Johny: Hey little buddy, they are making something new. 

 Squirrel: Haha, Its time for another trick. 

 Baby: Finally, Everything is ready. 

           : Chiya, Dolly, come, Let's enjoy the Halloween popcorn 

            : Ha...our popcorn..Again... Johny 

 Baby: Aww..the pirate Johny tricked us again... 

 Chiya: Hmm..we need to trick him back this time. 

           : come, Let's plan something better 

 Johny: Haha...this was a nice feast.

            : Huh! they are making popcorn again?

 Johny: Ah..run....the ghost is still there 

 Baby: Hahaha..look.. it worked, they got scared 

 Chiya: Anyway, it was so fun 

           : Here, let's have the popcorn 


 Going going going going
 let's plan it now 
Going going going going 
and snatch it now 

Oh! there comes a spooky skeleton 

 Going going going going 
Let's go try for now 
Going going going going 
and try once more 

 Oh! this creepy sound is so scary 

 Going going going going 
we will get it now 
Going going going going 
to grab it full 

 Oh! that's a Halloween Ghost

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