Baby's Bicycle Day

Baby got excited watching Johny pedal the bicycle so well. He wanted to learn, and Chiya helped him ride the bicycle. But the baby wanted to learn on his own, and finally, Chiya drops him in the huge garden area to make him happy. 

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Chiya: Hey Baby
          : What are you trying to do? 

          : Oh, you pedaling a cycle? 

 Baby: Yes, yes. I am trying to ride this.

          : Chiya... I want to ride like johny 

          : He pedals so well 

 Chiya: Oh! That's okay. 

           : I will help you to do this

           : Come, let's go outside 

 Chiya: Baby, You can safely ride here

           : Look, It's a huge space

           : Come, learn to pedal. 


 Let's go ride a bicycle 
I am good at riding this 
Enjoying this in a funny way 
Pedaling all the way 

 I can do it in a very good way 
It's okay if I am a little scared
 I can do it well for sure 
Happy riding fun 

 Baby, you can do this time 
You will need my help in this 
I will help you in this way 
Pulling way too slow 

 I feel so bored doing this
 I can't enjoy a ride like this
 It's not making me happy 
 This is so boring 

 I can ride this without help 
I will ride this side by side 
Let me try this better now 
Look I am going 

 I do ride a bicycle
Pedaling it to left and right 
Cycling in a lovely place
 This makes me happy

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