Friends behind the fence

Johny and Baby saw an airplane flying around and going to the other side of the fence. They tried so many tricks to find out what's happening there but couldn't find out. They got scared seeing a huge toy there and ran to Mommy. Watch and enjoy what's the fun going on. 

 Billion Surprise Toys entertains kids in a funny way.

Baby: Johny, Look... an airplane! 

 Johny: Yes I saw that 

            : But..? where is it coming from? 

 Baby: Ha..It's going there

          : Come, let's follow

           : Aww..It has gone
 Johny: Hey Baby..shhh... 

           : Listen, somebody is there 

           : I think they are kids 

           : Ha...Hello...Anybody there? 

 Baby: sounds? 

 Johny: who is there!?

            : I need to find out 

            : Ha! Idea! : Baby, you wait here, I'll be back 

 Johny: Hellooo....who is there? 


 Baby: Johnny, did you see anyone? 

 Johny: Huh, no... nobody is there 

 Kids: Hey little squirri 

          : can you tell us who's playing there.

          : we heard so many sounds 

 Baby: a huge 

 Johny: uh..oh no... 

 Mommy: Hey my little ones, what happened? 

 Baby : Mommy, something is huge there... 

 Johny : It's so big 

 Mommy: Oh! dear

                : Look, it's just a toy dino 

                : kids are playing with it 

                 : We have some new neighbors 

 Johny: Neighbors!? 

 Mommy: Let's go meet them one day, okay? 

                : Now come and play inside 


 I am gonna pull this here 
pull this here, pull this here
I am gonna jump in using this 
To look whose there 

 This ladder gonna help us now 
help us now, help us now 
 will find out who comes there 
and call them loud 

 The little squirrel is finding them 
finding them finding them 
But he hides inside the thick hard bush 
what's going on there?

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