Makeovers for rescue vehicles!

Mechanic Chiya fixes the fire truck and police Jeep in a dashing way. He helps the policemen and the firefighter to complete their rescue mission quickly. See what happens to the naughty monkey who troubled everyone at last.  

Billion Surprise Toys create incredible stories.

Baby: Hey you Monkey... 

         : Ha...I got you.
         : Uh-oh.. the tires!? 

         : Don't worry buddy...Let's go to the mechanic 

 Baby: Hey...Hello... 

          : Mr. Mechanic 

          : Are you here? 

 Chiya: Yeah...I am here 

           : What can I do for you?
 Baby: tires 

          : I hit a stone and it broke

          : Could you make my buddy alright? 

 Chiya: Oh..that's it...Don't worry 

           : I am gonna get you a new-looking buddy 

 Chiya: Yes..these big wheels 

           : This fits good 

 Baby: Wow!!! It looks nice 

           : Thank you Mr. Mechanic 

           : Bye bye 

 Monkey:'s so huge and powerful
               : It's not safe for me here

               : Oh no...let me escape soon.. 

 Johny: Oh, an emergency call from mousie

            : I need to go fast
            : Ha..who did this?

           : where is it going? 

Johny: Hey you monkey thief 

          : What are you doing? 

          : Give it back you naughty 

 Johny: Huh! It's broken 

            : Let me go to the mechanic 

 Johny: Hello Mr. Mechanic

            : Look at my firetruck

            : The pipe is broken, please make this alright 

 Chiya: will take some time 

           : please wait 

 Johny: Oh no.. I got an emergency call 

            : I have to reach there fast 

 Chiya: Okay, don't worry..wait a minute 

           : I will give fix a new one 

 Johny:'s cool 

            : I like it : Okay see you 

 Rat: Ha..thank you buddy

        : You saved my stall 

 Baby: Hey guys..look..I caught the naughty monkey

          : Don't worry ,he will not trouble us again

           : I am going..bye

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