Johny's gumballs are stolen!

Johny with his gumball machine and piggy bank stood at the park to attract the kids and animals. The lady squirrel who saw this wanted to taste the candies. His boyfriend gets ready to bring her the gumballs but couldn't collect as he had no coins. He had an idea with the monkey to pick up the candies and have fun. Watch what happens to Johny and his gumballs! 

Billion Surprise Toys make you laugh a lot.

Johny: um..its yummy 

 Squirrel: Can you give me one gumball? Please... 

 Johny: Yes, yes 

            : Put one coin in this and take your candy 

 Squirrel: Coin!? Aw.. I don't have any coins 

               : Ha.. I have a nut with me 

 Johny: Oh no, no. That's not the way 

            : You can go now 

 Johny: Hey guys..come come.... 

            : Look at my gumballs... 

            : It's so yummy and sweet

            : Fill my piggy bank and have your candy 

 Baby & Dolly: Yeah..of course 

 Dolly: 1,2,3,4 Baby:'s so nice 

 Dolly: Yeah..bye bye Johny.. 

 Johny: Will see you next time, guys 

            : Have a great day 

 Squirrel: Huh! Idea Squirrel

               : Hey buddy.. 

                : Could you please take Johny's piggy bank for me?

 Monkey: No, no, no... 

               : I am a little busy 

 Squirrel: Look...! : If you do that, I will give you this banana 

 Monkey: Yeah..of course 

               : Here I go.... Johny: piggy bank

               : Where are you going?

               : Give me that....stop..... 

 Johny: Oh no! My gumballs! Everything is gone. 

 Lady squirrel: Aww...darling... 

                        : I love you so much 


 Squirrels on the tree 
Looking at the sweet candies 
she needs those yummy candy balls 
and don't know what to do 

 He gives that nut to her 
But she won't take it now 
she only needs those tasty balls 
and made him gonna soon 

 The squirrel's pulling that 
this is for his lovely girl 
He tries to pick up the candy balls 
and he knows what to do 

 His lady comes to him 
she smiles so happily 
she's gonna take those yummy balls 
and gonna taste it now 

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