Mechanic Chiya at work!

Johny breaks the kids' gumball machine, which is fixed at the park! He was trying to get the colorful candies inside the gumball and ended up breaking it. Dolly watching this calls Mechanic Chiya to fix it. Enjoy the lovely gumball video! 

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Johny: Wow! It's wonderful

            : I want to eat that full  

            :'s so tight 

            : Let me try once more
            : Ouch. It's broken 

            : Argh..come..come outside... 

            : It's so hard...argh... 

            : Huh..nothing's gonna work 

            : Ha....idea...!!! 

            : I am gonna get it this time

            : Wait and see... 

            : gumballs... 

            : I will show you now 

 Squirrel: Huh? What is he doing? 

               : Let me check it out 

               : wow, it's yummy..thank you so much buddy 

 Johny: Hey..that's mine 

            : Stop...give it back 

 Squirrel: No no no.. bye bye... 

 Dolly: Hey Johny : What are you doing? 

          : Huh...!!! you broke this!?? 

 Johny: Yeah, I was trying to get the gumballs 

            : didn't work 

 Dolly: have to put coins for that 

          : What do we do now? 

          : Hah..let's call the mechanic 

 Chiya: Guys have to insert a coin here

           : and then pull the lever for your candy, okay?
 Chiya: Here's your coin 

           : You can take your candy safely.

 Dolly: tasty 

 Johny:'s yummy 

Johny has a lovely pop 
a tasty sweetie lollipop 
he is having on the way 
and ate it full 

 There he saw the gumball toy 
and he is gonna grab it now 
He is wondered watching it 
to get that full 

 Chiya is our mechanic 
chiya is our mechanic 
He is with his toy kit 
to fix it well 

 He is fixing all that good 
putting all the broken piece 
he has done it really well 
and set that great

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