Hola! Christmas toss game

Chiya arranges a wonderful Christmas toss game. Johny and Baby Zay join the game with their teammates Monkey and Squirrel. The snow team and Santa team challenge each other. Watch out and see who wins the funny game! 

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Baby: Huh!? Chiya... 

         : What are you doing?

 Chiya: I am arranging some Christmas games 

 Johny: Oh! That's nice 

           : We also wanna join 

 Baby: Ouch...! my back 

 Johny: You, okay? 

 Baby: Yes yes 

          : Chiya..let us play with you...please... 

 Chiya: Hmm...but...you have to make a team 

           : I need two pairs for the game 

 Baby: Huh?? a team? 

 Johny: Ha..pairs?? 

 Baby & Johny: Ha..I got it! 

 Baby: Come with me now... 

 Johny: After the game 

 Johny: Here, my teammate is ready... Mr. Monkey 

 Baby: Ha..I am gonna play with Mr. Squirrel 

 Chiya: Okay, listen 

            : You are split into 2 teams 

            : The snow and Santa 

            : collect the gumballs of your color

            : and finally, fill those trees and cup

            : The one who fills first is gonna be the winner 

 Johny: Ha... I choose blue 

 Baby: I'll go with red 

 Narration - And now the game begins between the Santa and snow 

 Voice-over – Speed up..speed up... a little faster...keep going 

 Baby: Okay, now I'm going to toss it 

 Johny: Watch me..I am gonna win this 

 Johny: Yay yay! The snow team won 

 The snow team scored one point and the santa has no points 

 Chiya: Okay guys, now let's go to our next game 

            : It's the tree game 

 Johny: Focus buddy..focus : Don't miss it 

 Baby: Hey squirri, it's our last chance

           : Don't mess it up 

           :Easy..easy..be calm..and fill it in 

 Lady squirrel: Hey hi..all the best dear..win the game 

 Squirrel: Yeah yeah..we did it..we won 

 Chiya: Anyway. Both scored same 

           : Here is your gift

           : A bucket full of gumballs! 


 Deck the halls with boughs of holly 
Fa la la la la it's fun game time 
It's the season to be jolly 
Fa la la la la la la la 
We are gonna have fun on Christmas
 Fa la la la la it's fun game time 
Let's play and sing aloud this Christmas 
Fa la la la la la la la

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