Peek-a-Boo playtime

Baby and his friends were playing hide and seek on a cool day. In the middle of the hustle, the squirrel mistakenly hit the monkey, and his popcorn fell down. This made the monkey angry, and he planned to trouble the kid's game. Watch out and have fun. 

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Kids: Ready steady go... 

        : Baby..go and are the catcher 

 Baby: 1, 2, ... 

 Monkey: popcorn...

               : you wait and see what I am going to do 

 Monkey: Haha... it's your turn

               : This is for you darling... 

 Johny: Ouch 

 Baby: yay yay.. Johnny, I got you!
 Dolly: funny

          : Huh! Ah..Monkey! You're here. 

 Dolly: No no no... 

          : I won't go

          : Leave me...ahh... 

 Baby: Hahaha! I found you dolly. 

 Johny: Argh... this monkey 

            : He spoiled our game 

 Dolly: Yes yes.. he found everyone 

 Baby: No, no no..wait 

          : Mmm..squirrel...he is left 

          : I need to find him 

 Baby: Peekaboo.

          : Huh..he is not here 

 Dolly: This cave is empty... 

 Johny: Hey, miss squirri.. Is your boyfriend with you? 

 Lady squirrel: No no no..he is not here 

 Baby: Ha, where is he gone?

          : What do we do now?

          : Hey..look! 

 Monkey: naughty squirrel!

               : I am gonna catch you ...

               : you threw my popcorn ...argh... 

 Baby:'s our buddy 

 Johny: wait, what are you doing?

Dolly: Why did you spoil our game? 

 Monkey: This squirrel threw my popcorn

               : So, I made your game bad 

               : That's all..Bye bye 

 We are playing hide-and-seek 
we're gonna find the catcher now 
Baby comes the one to count 
we will hide away 

 Baby searching for the friends 
The monkey's watching from the tree 
The Squirrel seems to hide somewhere 
All are hidden now

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