Baby treats booboo

Baby pretends to be a doctor and treats the booboo of his friends, the monkey, and squirrel. Dolly is accompanying Baby to care for the injured. Enjoy the lovely kind gestures and care kids have for their friends. 

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Dolly: Hi... 

         : Oh squirri, it was you! 

 Squirrel: Ouch! my leg! It hurts... 

 Dolly: Don't worry dear

          : How did it happen?

 Lady squirrel: He was bringing nuts for me 

                        : But he fell down 

 Dolly: Oh, that's okay 

          : Here, the baby doctor is ready 

 Baby: Hey squirri 

           : Show me your leg 

           : Dolly, pass me the hammer 

           : Did you feel anything here? Here? 

 Squirrel: Ouch...! yes, there. It hurts so much 

 Baby: Don't worry 

          : I know what to do

          : This will cover your booboo

           : Hm... all right, here you go 

 Squirrel: Hah! it's better now. 

 Baby: you take rest, okay? 

 Dolly: we are leaving 

          : Be safe 

 squirrel: Tadaa... 

 Lady squirrel: are so sweet 


 Baby: Ha, Dolly....

          : Look, he's there 

 Monkey: Oh! My legs.... 

 Dolly: Hey buddy, what happened? 

 Dolly: don't worry. Don't worry

          : We are here to help you 

          : Look, Baby doctor is ready 

 Baby: Show me your legs

          : Ha. You got a booboo here

          : Don't worry, I will treat your booboo 

 Baby: Easy. Easy

          : Here you go, it's all done 

 Baby: See, your booboo is covered 

          : and here's your treat 


 I can catch this nut for you 
nut for you nut for you 
But I felt sliding down this time 
Oh! He fell down 

 The little monkey is starving now 
starving now starving now 
He gonna catch this yummy fruit
 the fruit slips down

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