Baby police catches the thief

The naughty squirrel took all the sweets and juices from Johny and Dolly. Baby pretends to play as a policeman and catches the thief in a tricky way. Watch and enjoy the cute and funny acts of siblings. 

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Squirrel: HiHihi...silly guys!

             : You can't catch me this time. 

 Dolly: Baby, cool.

          : He will definitely come down

          : Let's catch him then. 

 Squirrel: Bye bye

 Baby: Argh... he tricked us again 

          : We have to catch him 

 Johny: Ha! I have an idea. 

            : Hey, Miss squirri, can you do me a favor?

            : The naughty squirrel took all our food

           : Could you help us to catch him? 

 Lady squirrel: Oh okay! How can I help you guys?

                         : Hello handsome, can you please help me? 

 Squirrel: OfCourse 

               : Anything for you my lady 

 Lady squirrel: Look at that nut, it's so huge

                        : Will you take it for me? please 

 Squirrel: Oh! That's it...

               : I will do that for you, beautiful
 Squirrel: Huh!!! Kids: Hahaha. you naughty little thief

               : You cannot trick us again 


She lost her sweet cookies 
someone snatched our sweets 
I'm not sure who took it out
 and I know what to do

 I am a policeman 
I have my jeep to swish 
I am ready to find this naughty thief 
and I know what to do 

 I am a policeman 
I am going to trick the thief
 I am going to catch in a tricky way 
and I know what to do

He tricked us all again 
The thief stole all from us 
I am going to trap him very soon
 and I know what to do

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