Baby Hamster is lost!

Marshmallow is missing! Baby found his empty ball, and he went to Chiya. They both began to search for their favorite little pet. They made cute plans to bring him back. A surprise reveal for marshmallow is waiting at the end!

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Baby: Chiya, Listen! Our marshmallow is missing... 

         : Look his ball is empty 

 Chiya: Huh! Where is he gone? 

           : He will not be safe outside

           : The animals?! Do they harm him? 

 Baby: Animal? Uh, no... 

          : Nothing is gonna happen to him. 

 Chiya: See, the road is also very busy

 Baby: Uh, what do we do now? 

 Chiya: Baby, don't worry, let's find him

           : Ha. This may help us 

 Baby: Chiya...this way 

          : Ha, look! A mailbox! 

          : He is not here 

 Chiya: Hmm...he loves to eat carrots, right? 

           : Let's make a plan with it 

 Chiya: Ha...Idea!

           : Baby, you wait here, I will be back. 

 Baby: Aww..., marshmallow, where are you? 

Chiya (Voice over): Hey Baby come here; I think I found him 

Baby: Yeah! I am coming 

         : Chiya...Where is he? 

Chiya: Look down...I found his footprints 

 Baby: Johny, did you see our marshmallow?

 Johny: No... 

            : I was busy decorating for Christmas eve. 

 Kids: Huh? What is that? 

 Baby: It's moving 

 Marshmallow: Tadaaa... 

 Baby: Ha... there he is... 

 Chiya: He already started Christmas fun 


Let's go find our marshmallow 
Let's go find our marshmallow 
We are missing marshmallow 
Where is he gone? 

 We can make a trap for him 
We can make a trap for him 
Let's make him a carrot trap 
To bring him back 

 Come let's follow in this way
 Come let's follow in this way 
This will help us all the way 
To find him now

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