Only Sibling things!

It was a good summer day. Johny sits relaxed at the poolside reading a storybook. Baby annoys him by playing musical instruments. Johny tricks Baby in all the ways and he cried. Finally, Dolly comes up with a great way to help both of them! 

 Billion Surprise Toys treats your kid in a lovely way.

Johny: There was a ship sailing in the sea. It was so beautiful with a big bow

 and anchor. It was very big with large wheels... 

 Johny: Huh...what is that sound?

            : where is it coming from? 

 Baby: Oh! My little buddy. 

           : Did you enjoy these drums? 

 Johny: Baby, can you please stop this?

            : I can't read my book. 

 Baby: No, no, I love playing this. 

          : Johny, listen, don't you like it? 

 Johny: Hm, no, I don't. 

             : Ha, anyway, let me also play with you.

 Baby: Huh! Really? you want to play with me?

          : Here, you play next. 

 Johny: Haha, sorry, I am going to read now. 

            : You play with your teddy. 

            : Ha, no more sounds.

            : Let me start reading.

            : Argh...Again! What's next? 

 Baby: Hey teddy, do you love this xylophone?

          : It sounds so nice, right? 

 Johny: Baby, what are you doing?

            : I said you to stop. 

 Baby: Noo... I won't 

          : you tricked me last time. 

 Johny: Ha then, Can I join you? 

 Baby: Aha...This time you can't trick me. I will play with my teddy. 

 Johny: Oh, Okay.

            : But Baby look! Mommy is coming with food. 

 Baby: Huh! Where is she? Is it true? 

          : Argh...Johny. You tricked me again. 

 Johny: Umm. Feeling so tired.

            : Argh...again, what's next? 

            : How can I stop this?

            : Ha, this is perfect. 

 Baby: Aww, where is the sound?

          : Johny...You broke my toy. 

 Johny: Uh-oh! Baby, don't cry, don't cry.

 Dolly: Oh! what happened?

          : Baby, why are you crying? 

 Baby: Dolly, look, he broke my toy. 

          : He tricks me always. 

 Johny: He is making so many sounds.

            : I cannot read my book. 

 Dolly: Okay, okay! Wait a minute.
         : I will find a way for you. 

         : Here, this will help you away from sounds, Johny.

         : Baby, come, let's go play now.

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