Halloween Bouncer Toy

It's a Halloween gift! Johny, Dolly, and Baby are excited to play with the inflatable Halloween Bouncer. Chiya helps them to fill the air inside and to make it perfect for them to play. They also had a little guest to join and have fun. Enjoy the fun celebration! 

Billion Surprise Toys love to make your special events sweeter.

Baby: Huh! What is this? 

 : Hihihi... Dolly, you cannot do this!?

 : Give me that, I will do it

 Dolly: Haha...so funny.

 : This Halloween house is so big. 

 : Look at johnny

 : He cannot do this. 

 Johnny: huh... 

 Baby: okay, okay, I will do this. 

 : Uh-oh, It's so tight. 

 : Ha, I know what to do. 

 Baby: Chiya... we have a Halloween bouncer. 

 : shh shh.. can you fill the air inside? 

 Chiya: Hmm... Okay, I am coming. 

 Baby: Hey guys.

 : Come, our scary house is all set.

 Kids: Hey, little buddy, come...

 : Let's bounce together. 

 Baby: It's so funny. 

 : come and play with us. 

 Squirrel: Yeah! I am coming. 

 Dolly: Aww...so nice. You jump so well. 

 Chiya: Hey guys. Look...

 : Here we go for a Halloween selfie. 


We are in a Halloween house 
And this looks like a scary house 
So soft soft here and big big there 
 Here we go, there we go, everyone is going up 

 We are in a Halloween house 

 We are in a Halloween house 
And we are playing in a bouncy toy 
we jump jump here and fly fly there 
here we fly there we fly, everywhere we gonna fly 

We are in a Halloween house 

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