Trick-or-treat sweets are missing!

Dolly, Baby, and Chiya were setting up Halloween sweet counters with candies, juices, and pumpkins. But all the counters go empty, and they become disappointed. They got ready to find the thief who stoles everything from them. Watch and enjoy the fun at last! 

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Baby: Dolly, Chiya, my trick or treat counter is ready.

         : come and have some candies.

         : Ha, what!? Where are my candies? 

         : Aww...It's all gone... 

 Dolly: Oh, don't worry Baby. 

          : come to my counter. 

          : I made sweet pumpkin juice.

          : It's a Halloween special! 

          : so sweet and good. 

          : Huh! My juices? 

          : where is it gone? 

 Dolly: Aww... everything is missing! 

          : Our Halloween night went bad. 

 Chiya: Uh-Oh! Dolly, Baby, please don't cry. 

           : I think there is a thief, he took all our sweets. 

           : we have to find him. 

 Baby: Ha, Chiya...Look!

          : Your Jack O Lantern is moving. 

 Chiya: Shhh...Don't make noise. 

           : it must be him. 

           : come, let's follow. 

 Baby: Huh, It's a squirrel house. 

 Dolly: So..... the squirrel is the thief. 

 Baby: He is not here; our sweets will be inside.

          : Let's check it out. Baby(voice-over) 

          : Oh! Nothing is here. 

          : He hides it somewhere else. 

 Dolly: What do we do now?

 Chiya: Hey guys, look there!

          : Somebody is there with him. 

 Squirrel: Here, I have all this for you master. 

 Kids: Huh! Johny... 

 Johny: Buhahaha! Let's have the feast. 

 This is the way we choose candies 
choose candies, choose candies 
This is the way we choose candies 
we gonna taste it full 

 This is the way we make a juice 
 make a juice, make a juice 
This is the way we make a juice 
we gonna make it sweet 

This is the way we get ready 
get ready, get ready 
This is the way we get ready 
we gonna love this night.

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