Scary Halloween Night!

It is a spooky Halloween night. Johny and Dolly are searching for Baby everywhere. On the way, they come to see strange and scary things around them. At last, Baby comes to them to call for trick or treat, but something scary is looking out! 

 Billion Surprise Toys entertain you in a way most special.

 Johny: Dolly, Baby, where are you?

           : It's time for trick or treat 

           : nobody is here. 

 Dolly: Here I come. 

           : Ha! Where is baby? He is not inside. 

           : Did you see him? 

 Johny: Uh-no! 

           : I think he will be outside.

           : let's go find him. 

 Dolly & Johny: Baby, where are you hiding? 

                         : It's time to go, come fast. 

 Johny: Yeah! I think I found you

            : Come outside.

            : Ahhh.... 

 Dolly: Huhu...Johny, you are so silly. 

          : It's just a balloon. 

 Johny: Huh... I am sorry. 

            : I was a little scared. 

            : Ha! Dolly, do you feel anything?

            : someone is there. 

 Dolly: Ha...Yes, yes I feel it too. 

          : Anyway, let's look for Baby. 

 Dolly: Hey look! A box. 

          : Wow! It's so beautiful. 

 Johny: Hey Dolly, be careful. 

            : It looks so strange. 

 Dolly: Oh, nothing is here. 

          : It's so funny 

          : Let's open it. 

 Johny & Dolly: Ahhh... Oh nooo....! 

 Dolly: Ha! Johny, Baby, where are they?

          : Nobody is here. 

 Johny & Dolly: Aww.... 

 Johny: Oh! Dolly. It was you. 

 Dolly: okay, Come, let's go to momma. 

          : Baby will be there. 

 Johny: Haha! 

            : Huh! Dolly, look, your legs? 

 Dolly: Uh-oh! A pumpkin. 

         : oh! It's stuck. 

         : Johny, help me.

         : I can't do it. 

 Johny: Oh! It's so tight. 

 Dolly: Johny, look there, It's so huge. 

          : I think we are in trouble. 

 Baby: Johny, Dolly, you here? 

          : All are waiting for you.

          : Let's go for trick or treat. 

 Johny: Ha, Baby, we were looking for you everywhere. 

 Baby: Umm... I was here with mommy. 

 Johny & Dolly: 

 Baby: wait, me too.

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