Black vs Pink Challenge!

Johny and Dolly are on a black vs pink challenge. Johny chooses black as the best color and gets ready as a mighty pirate in black whereas Dolly goes for pink as a pinky princess. They challenge each other choosing everything as pink and black. Enjoy the exciting challenging fun with the siblings. 

 Billion Surprise Toys entertains your kid in a lovely way.

Dolly: Oh, pinky princess! It's so lovely. 

Johnny: Uh, Pink? Give me that. 

             : Ha, look, the mighty pirate is in black. Black is so good. 

Dolly: Huh? No! Pink is better. 

Johnny: No way, Black is the best. 

Dolly: Nooo, give me... give me. 

Johnny: Aahhh nooo! 

Dolly: Wow, I look like a princess, this pink is pretty. 

Johnny: Huh, she must be kidding, just wait and watch.

             : Hahaha I'm a pirate, I look so good in black! 

Dolly: Oh, Johnny, you look so strange. 

Johnny: Yeah, I'm a pirate and black is awesome. 

Dolly: No, pink is good. 

Johnny: Hahaha, black is better. 

Johnny: Hi, this is my ship house, and it's super cool in black. 

Dolly: Ha? I'm going to make mine.

         : Aw! It's so pretty in pink. 

Johnny: My ship house is better than yours. 

Dolly: No, you are funny, black is dull, and my pink is bright. 

Johnny: Pfff! Black is always the best. 

Dolly: Black cannot beat pink. 

Dolly: Oh, my doll. You look so cute in this pink. 

Johnny: Huh? a new ride? It's time to get mine. 

             : Ha, it's ready. 

Dolly: Johnny, what are you doing? 

Johnny: Look at my toy horse, it's black and strong. 

Dolly: Are you kidding? Mine is better. 

Johnny: You like black, right? 

Dolly: No, no, he likes pink. 

Baby: Uh-oh, I like both, black and pink. But my favorite is Blue.

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