Explore an airplane ride

Baby Zay was excited to explore the big airplane toy at the park. Johny and Dolly joined to make it more exciting and fun. Baby enjoys it flying through the beautiful landscapes and big city. Johny and Dolly made this ride more interesting for Baby and his Bunny. 

 Billion Surprise Toys entertains your kid with fun stories.

Baby: Wow! An airplane, this looks so cool.

         : I'm going to fly it, Johny, Dolly, can you help me? 

Johny: Um, Okay, we will help you. 

Baby: Whoa, I'm so excited to fly this. 

         : Come on, Bunnie, I'll show you everything. 

Rat: Hey, you have to take a ticket first. 

Baby: Oh, um, My Bunny and I need tickets then. 

Rat: Here you go, have a nice flight. 

Baby: Oh wow! It looks so good. 

        : You sit here, Bunnie. Don't worry, this is for your safety. 

        : Watch the window; I'll show you around.

 (narration): All set to go. 

Baby: Let's start now. Guys, Are you ready? 

Dolly: Yeah, We're ready. 

Baby: It was awesome.

         : Did you enjoy it? 

         : Johny, Dolly, it was so much fun, Uh oh! 


The airplane goes through the Softy clouds 

Softy clouds, Softy clouds 

The airplane goes through the Softy clouds 

All through the sky 

The airplane pass through the Deep Forest 

Deep forest, Deep Forest 

A tiny bird goes through the Deep Forest 

All through the sky 

The airplane cross through the Great Mountain

Great mountain, Great Mountain 

A cold wind pass through the Great Mountain 

All through the sky 

The airplane's back to the Big city

Big city, big city 

We reach back into the lovely park 

All through the sky

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