Itchy Scratchy Mosquito

An itchy scratchy mosquito is annoying Johny and Dolly and hurt them. The kids are irritated, and they try to kill the mosquito in a funny way. Finally, Mommy comes up with the solution and make them feel comfortable and happy. 

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Johny: Sh... Ow... go away.

           : No, don't disturb me. 

           : Ha, it's gone!

           : Ow, it's hurts ohh.. it's itching. 

Dolly: Huh, Johny? What happened? 

Johny: Look! There is a mosquito in here and he bite me. It's so itchy, ow. 

Dolly: Ha? Um, where is he coming from. Ha! Windows!
         : Okay, now he can't get inside.

         : Oh? He's not gone. 

 Dolly: Ahh ... go... go away. 

          : Ouch, it's hurting so much. 

Johny: Here I come, I'm going to catch you soon. 

           : Oh no! I missed it... 

Johny: Ugh, I'm so tired. I think he's gone. 

Dolly: Sh... calm down. Can you hear that? 

Dolly: Don't hurt us....aaaaahhh... 

Johny: Mommy, look! It's so itchy. 

Dolly: Ha...ow! It hurts 

Mommy: Don't worry, this will help you. 

               : I'll make the mosquito go away. 

               : See, they left 

Johny: Bye, bye, mosquito.

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