Play with Soccer Balls

Excited about a new sport?! Chiya challenges Baby, Johny, and Dolly to win the soccer play with him. The kids are so thrilled and pick balls of their favorite color to play. Chiya is ready to beat them at the ball court. Do they defeat Chiya or not? See what happens at the end! 

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Baby: What was that? Huh, A Soccer ball? 

Chiya: Hey, Baby. pass the ball 

Baby: Oh wait, wait 

Chiya: Hey! oh no baby, you can't 

Chiya: Haha. I told you. 

Dolly: Don't worry, baby. we'll help you 

Johny: Chiya, let's play together 

Chiya: You guys want to play with me? Hmmm, okay, I'll give you a chance, take the balls from there 

Johny: I’ll choose red ball 

Dolly: Mmm, I pick blue 

Baby: yellow is my favorite. 

Chiya: shall we start? 

Babys: yeah, let's do it 

Chiya: Okay, I'll cover the goal post. If you kick the ball inside, you WIN 

Chiya: Now, who's playing first 

Johny: I'm 

Dolly: I’ll go next 

Baby: Mmhh, then I’ll be the last one 

Johny: hmm, I going to win this. 

Babys: Up Up johny Up Up Johny 

Johny: Here you go. Chiya: Haha, this was so easy. 

Dolly: don't worry, I'll score this time. 

Babys: Up Up Dolly Up Up 

Dolly. Dolly: Ha, here 

Chiya: Oh! sorry guys, it's too easy for me

Johny: Baby, it's our last chance. Play well, okay? 

 Baby: hmm, I can do this 

 Babys: Up Up Baby Up Up Baby 

 Chiya: you are next? Huh, okay, kick it. 

 Chiya: what! 

 Baby: Yeah, I won, I won. look, I won the game

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