Have an Ice cream treat!

Who else wants some ice cream on a sunny day? Chiya and Baby Zay are here riding an Ice cream van full of so many delicious flavors. Johnny and Dolly also joined the play and ordered yummy cones for them. Enjoy the sweet video with the siblings! 

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Chiya: Oh! It's all done Baby, let's go. 

 Baby: Yeah! 

 Kids (song)

This is the way we ride our van 

 ride our van ride our van, 

 This is the way we ride our van 

 we're going to have fun 

 Johny: Look chiya is riding the van 

 Dolly: Oh baby, is there too 

 Johny: shall we play with them? 

 Dolly: yeah! come on 

Johny: we want some ice cream 

Chiya: Which one do you want, my dear?

Dolly: Hmm, I want strawberry 

Johny: And I want mango 

Chiya: Okay! just wait for a second 

Baby, we have an order. 

Get the plates ready. 

Chiya: Here baby, go give to them

Baby: um, okay, sir 

Johny: Aww. It's okay dear 

Dolly: let's play once more 

Johny: Hello, we want some ice cream 

Baby: Chocolate, strawberry, mango, blueberry, vanilla, and butterscotch
 which one do you want, sir. 

Johny: Hmm, I want three scoops of mango vanilla and butterscotch ice cream

 Dolly: And I want strawberry, chocolate, and blueberry too 

Chiya: Here! Your ice creams are ready. 

Johny: Oh wow 

Dolly: Mmm. so yummy

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