Get ready for a Black VS Pink costume party

Johnny and Dolly are excited to celebrate the birthday of their friends. They choose pink and black costumes to wear and pick gifts in their favorite colors. Wait for the funny twist at the end! Enjoy the black VS Pink challenge by siblings. 

 Billion Surprise Toys entertains you most adorably.

Johnny: Oh, It's their birthday! They will come soon for inviting us.

 Dolly: Oh, I knew that I already picked my dress for their party.

         : Johnny, which one is good? This....or this one? 

Johnny: Huh? Pink? No! Black is better. 

Dolly: Then I'll go for this one, Pink is better. 

Johnny: Um, no! Black is the best. 

Dolly: Oh, Let's see, Ah ha, I look so pretty in pink. 

Johnny: Ha, I'll show you, Black is better. 

Dolly: Hahaha Let's do the makeup!

       : Aw, this is nice. 

       : Um, a little more, all good. 

Johnny: Boo! Hahaha. 

Dolly: Ow, you scared me! 

Johnny: See, I told you, Black is better, everyone likes black. 

Dolly: Nooo! You're wrong! Pink is perfect! 

Johnny: I'm sure they like black just like me. 

Dolly: I've made pink macrons for them because they like pink. 

Johnny: No way, they like black cupcakes. 

Dolly: I know Helna likes pink. 

Johnny: Yeah, but Henry likes black.

            : Okay, then. I'll pack cupcakes for him. 

Dolly: Um, So I'll pack Macrons for her. 

Johnny: Hm? What now? Ha, The gift! 

Dolly: Helna would love this pink one. 

Johnny: Henry is a cat lover; he will like this black cat. 

Dolly: They like pink toys. 

Johnny: No, they like black toys. 

Henry and Helna: Hey guys, Are you ready? Let's go for the party. 

johnny: Oh, they are here.

Dolly: Yeah, we are ready, come inside.

         : uh-oh, the colors.

Henry: Oh Dolly, we both are in pink, did you knew I love pink?

Dolly: Oh, yeah, I knew that happy birthday Henry, here is your gift.

Henry: Aw, it's so cute, i like it.

Helna: Hey, Johnny, you didn't told me you also like black.

Johnny: Ha, I know you love black, look, this is for you, happy birthday.

Helna: Oh, I like this guy.

Dolly: Here, one more gift.

Dolly: Everyone has a favorite color

Dolly: I love pink.

Johnny: But black is better.

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