Baby is learning the Bicycle!

The baby was enjoying a pretty summer day having yummy ice creams at the park with Mommy and Daddy. Chiya came to him riding a bicycle. The baby was excited to join and explore the ride. Daddy and Mommy make sure of the safety measures and let him learn and ride the bicycle buddy. Enjoy the cute video along with a lovely rhyme. 

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Mommy: Be careful sweetie 

Daddy: Hey. Let's have some ice cream! 

Baby: Wow, Ice cream 

Daddy: Which one do you like? 

Baby: I want Strawberry and Mango! 

Ice Cream Man: Here you go! 

Baby: Wow! Yummy... 

Baby (Song)

 I love Ice cream Yum Yum Yum 

E I E I O 

I love Ice cream Yum Yum Yum 

E I E I O 

Strawberry yum and Mango Yum 

 Strawberry, Mango, Chocolate is Yum Yum

 I love Ice Cream Yum yum Yum 

 E I E I O 

 Chiya: Woohoo! Do you wanna join? 

 Baby: Daddy, Can I? 

 Daddy: Of course, Go ahead. 

 Daddy: Oh wait, wait.

            : Wear your helmet first. 

 Mommy: Oh Baby, that's not how you do it 

 Mommy: First, stay steady. 

                : Now, start pedaling.

                : Don't forget to sit straight and look ahead.

 Mommy: Are you alright, sweetheart? 

 Chiya: Baby, Come on. Try once more 

 Baby: Okay, I'll do it this time! 

 Baby (song)

I love riding Bicycles 

E I E I O 

I love riding Bicycles 

 E I E I O

Give a Ring ring here and a ring ring there

Here a ring, there a ring, everywhere a ring ring

I love riding bicyles

 E I E I O 

 Baby: Yahoo! I did it!

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