Let's explore the park rides

Baby, Johnny, and Dolly are enjoying a day exploring the park rides with Mommy. As Baby Zay is new to all the rides, Mommy guides him throughout. Johnny and Dolly are also along with Baby to make him excited and happy.

Billion Surprise Toys guides your kid in the best way!

Johny: Come, Let's have some fun! 

 Dolly: Yeah! Let's go! 

 Dolly: This is so cool! 

 Baby: Yay! 

 Mom: Oh! That's not how you do it, honey. 

 Mom: Hold tight on both sides 

 Baby: Wow! I'm flying! Woohoo! 

 Johny: Hey, Baby, Come play with us! 

 Mom: Don't worry, dear.

          : Mommy will catch you. 

 Johny: Come on Baby.

            : Come sit here, and slowly slide down. That's all! 

 Baby: Huh? Okay! 

 Baby: Aaaah!  

 Mom: Enjoyed it honey? 

 Baby: um, yeah! 

 Mom: One more round? 

 Baby: Yeah! Let's do it! 

 Dolly: Hey guys, Come join me! 

 Baby: Haa! Let's go there. 

 Mom: Be careful. 

 Mom: Come on, you liked it? 

 Baby: Yeah! Awesome!

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