Fun day at the park

Our kids, mommy, and daddy are enjoying a great time together at the park on a warm day. Mommy is teaching the baby how to play with each ride safely. He is excited to jump into all the new rides at the park. Enjoy the cute funny day with the family.

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Baby: Oh!

 : Ha! Trampoline! 

 : Mommy, Can I go? 

 Mom: Sure honey 

 Baby: Are you ready? 

 Baby: I'm gonna jump so high! 

 Baby: uh oh! I might fall! 

 : Mommy... 

 Mom: It's okay, dear. 

 Mom: First, Keep your feet steady

 : Stay on Balance 

 : and Jump! 

 Baby: Ha! It's working! 

 : Oh! I'm floating in space 

 : Ouch, that was a dream? 

 Baby: Wait wait, I'm coming 

 Dolly: Baby, Focus on the cone 

 Baby: Oh, I know, I know 

 : Oh... hmm ... I'm gonna make it this time. 

 Mom: Focus on the cone, honey then throw it. 

 Baby: Yay! I made it! Baby 

: Haa.. I want to climb on that! 

 Johny: No baby, you are too tiny. 

 Baby: Haha! Yay. I made it!

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