Kids on a Rescue Mission

Johny and Dolly were playing in the park on a sunny day. Suddenly, they heard a cry for help. They jumped and got ready to save those need help by pretending to rescue heroes. Finally, they got the naughty one who always made trouble. Watch and enjoy what happens next! 

 Billion Surprise Toys edutains your kids with valuable moral stories.

Rat: Oh me.
Johny: Dolly, did you hear that? Someone needs help, Let's go! 

 Dolly: Oh fire, what do we do? 

Johny: Ha, wait here, I'll come now.

 : Hm, Which one do I go for? 

 : Ha yes, the firetruck.

 : Huhuhu, I'm a firefighter now. 

 Johny: Just wait and watch, I'm going to shed the fire.

 Rat: Phew, thanks Johny, you saved my home. 

Johny: Oh dear, Look at your hand! It's burnt. 

Dolly: Oh It's from the fire, Don't worry, I'll be back.

 : Um, which one do I choose?

 : Oh yes, An ambulance. 

 Dolly: Ha, this will work. 

 : It's fine now, you should take rest. 

Johny: Huh? What's that? 

Rat: Look there. 

Dolly: Oh no, Again? this monkey. 

Johny: Dolly, We will catch him this time. 

Dolly: Ya, Got it. Johny

: Now, Its turn for the police jeep.

 Dolly: Haha, I'm sure he will be tricked. 

Johny: There is no way out, hahaha.

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