Johnny's Super Cool Excavator

Johnny with his favorite excavator started a ride in the park to enjoy the cool day. On the way he found Dolly and the little buddies, squirrel and the rabbit in trouble. He helped all them happily with his buddy excavator. The day made our champ Johnny feel proud and becomes happy helping everyone.

Billion Surprise Toys engages your kids with lovely stories.

Johny: Ha, It's a good day, come on, buddy, let's ride around the park. 

Dolly: Haha Are you having fun?

 : Huh? Where did she go? 

 : Oh, my doll! You're stuck, uh, Don't worry, Momma is here. Help, help. 

Johny: Oh Dolly!

 : Hey, Why are you crying? 

Dolly: Aw, Johny! She was playing with me and then she got stuck, oh, she's
 scared and I don't know what to do. 

Johny: Don't worry, look, my digger is here, he will save her.

 : Come on, little one, that's it. 

Dolly: Thank you Johny, your digger saved my baby. 

Johny: It's okay, Have a great day. 

Bunny: Ha! Finished! : Uff so heavy, I it.

 : Uh oh, how can I get this to my home. 

 Johny: What happened Bunny? Bunny

: See, my basket is broken, I don't think I can make pudding today. 

 Johny: It's okay, fill it in! I'll help you. 

Johny: Come on now. Let's get you home. 

Bunny: Oh I should give you something, you helped me. 

 Johny: Oh no, Call me when your pudding is ready. 

Bunny: Oh sure. 

Johny: You have done a good job, we will get yummy pudding today. 

Squirrel: Ow, It hurts.

 : Oh no, I can't climb now. 

Johny: Hey little one, Why are you walking like this? 

Squirrel: Oh Johny, I was searching for my nuts , then I stepped on a nail, and it hurts so much. 

Johny: Oh, Hop on! I will lift you with my digger.

 Squirrel: Aw, Thank you Johnny, It was a great help, here, take it as my gift.

 Johnny: Oh today was full of treats, you made my day, buddy. 


Hey excavator 
you are my buddy 
I like your bucket 
and your arm 

 Hey excavator 
you are my buddy 
you have four wheels 
that are strong 

 Hey excavator 
you are my buddy 
your horn goes ki ki 
that is loud

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