The yummy Popcorn is stolen!

It was a warm day when Dolly and Johnny went to have yummy popcorn outside. They chose delicious cheesy and caramel flavors to have them happily. But, there comes the naughty one to steal all the yummy popcorn. The siblings were sad as they haven't enjoyed it much but found out the naughty thief at last.

Billion Surprise Toys make your Kids happy with lively cartoons.

Dolly: Wow, this looks yum, I like the one with cheese. 

 Johny: Ha, I want caramel popcorn. 

 Dolly: Hm, this smells so good. 

Johny: Hm, this one will be better than yours. 

Monkey: Huh? What is this smell? Ha? Where is it coming from? 

Monkey: Ha? Popcorn! 

Dolly: Hm, yummy cheese, I like the salty flavor. 

Johny: Mine is so sweet, I loved it. 

Johny: Ha? My popcorn! Is it finished already?

 Dolly: Ha? You ate all that? Don't look at me, This is mine, I'm not sharing. 

 : No no no, this is my popcorn. 

 : I'm not giving it to you.

 : Hey, I told you, do not disturb me! 

Johny: Huh? Me? I didn't do anything. 

Dolly: Oh no! My popcorn, it's gone. 

 : Who took it? Huh? I want it back! 

Johny: Dolly, Calm down Calm down, Let's find out, okay?

 Dolly: Hey you! Did you take my popcorn? 

Squirrel: Uh, no no. 

Dolly: Huh? Don't go. 

Johny: Dolly, look! I found the thief. shh come, let's follow.

 : I got you! 

Dolly: Hey wait! Give me my popcorn! 

Johny: Argh! We will catch you one day. 

Dolly: Johny, it was so tasty, I want more. 

Johny: Hehehe, see, Let's go!

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