Johnny and Baby are having a fun ride on the toy bus. A Tortoise buddy came and made the bus stop. In the meantime, our little kids find out an interesting boat race to play in. Johnny and Baby were thrilled and excited to win, but there comes the trouble for baby to end up breaking the Baby's boat. See, what Johnny did to surprise Baby to cheer him up again.

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Baby: Huh? Why did you stop? 

 Johnny: Look at that! 

 : Ow! He is too slow. 

Baby: Hm, Then Let's play outside. 

Johnny: Uh, what do we play? Ha! Baby, stop! Let's play boat racing. 

Baby: Huh? Boat race? Okay, I'm in. 

Johny: Ha got it. 

 : Here, this one's yours. 

Baby: Yes! We will win the race. 

Johny: Let's start, Baby? 

Baby: Yeah, Okay. Baby: Oh no! My boat! 

Johny: Hahaha! I'm first! Yay! I won the race! 

Rat: Pst...Look at him, Is he okay? 

Johny: Baby, stop! It's okay! Let's play again. 

Baby: Huh, I can't! Look, My toy is broken. 

Johny: Oh! Ha, Idea, give me your boat, I'll fix that.
 : Here, now you have a new boat bus for the race. 

Baby: Aw, this is so good. This time, I win. 

Johny: Okay, let's start now. 

Baby: Yaaay! My boat bus won! 

The race of the boats are on the roll, 
on the roll, on the roll, 
The race of the boats are on the roll, 
who reaches there first?

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