Fun Stories With Dino

An amazing new toy at the park! Dolly and Johnny were scared at first but got super excited to play with it. Dig in for new stories with fun Robo Dino! 
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Johny: Whoa...It's so big.

Dolly: Uh, scary too.

Johny: Don't be scared Dolly, It's just a statue.

         : Come on, there is nothing to be worried.

Dolly: Oh, noooo...

Johny: Huh? Why did she run?

         : Uh oh, Something is not right.

         : Oh sorry, don't hurt me, aaahhh...

Johny: What was that? Is it real?

Dolly: I don't know, but it's large, and scary.

Johny: It's gone, come, Dolly, let's go!

(chorus) Huh? Nooo.

Johny: Huh? What happened?

Chiya: Haha! That was fun, I was fooling around, Look, It's a Robo dino and we

 can control it.

Johny: Really? A toy?

Chiya: Yeah, here. Try it.

Johny: Yay, so good, now, It's in my control.

Dolly: Whoa, Giant feet, huge tail, big body, sharp teeth, and scary eyes.

Johny: Haha Chiya, we loved this new toy, It's so much fun.

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